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Miami Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted signs are beautiful and elegant, when it comes to leaving a powerful impression on your customers, no other sign can do it quite like sandblasted signs can.

Sandblasted signs take a very different process from most signage to produce. In order to produce sandblasted signage, you must blast abrasive materials at the signage in order to wear down and smooth the sign, or etch in crucial designs.

custom sandblasted sign

It’s primarily used to smooth out a sign’s design and add appropriate depth to make the sign stand out. Most commonly, these signs are blasted with high-pressure sand, hence the name “sandblasted.”

When you work with Miami Signage Company you are working with a trusted, local Miami sandblasted sign provider that only provides the highest quality signage. We care about your satisfaction and put forth our best effort in order to deliver a quality product that is valuable to your business.

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Wooden Sandblasted Signs

Miami Signage Company produces personalized, beautiful sandblasted signs out of only the best quality wood. Our most popular options are redwood and cedar, but we have a long lineup our experts can help you choose from. Wood, while being more costly than cheaper materials, can provide a vintage and warm feel for your business.

We use the latest and greatest technology for sandblasting beautiful and stunning signage. Our technique puts immense care into preserving the wood’s natural pattern to provide your sign with a natural feeling that will make your sign engaging and professional.

Wooden signs are very much prone to decay and damage from termites, that’s why we only use high-quality wood that is designed to remain fresh for years. Our wooden signs are weatherproof and designed to be easily repaired from damages.

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Cost-Effective HDU Signs

Miami Signage Company offers high-density urethane (HDU) which is a lightweight foam that is an affordable alternative to wood. HDU signs are highly versatile and more resistant to decay than wood is. When a wooden sign isn’t going to quite cut it for your business, consider HDU.

Our HDU signs are locally manufactured from the highest quality materials so that your signage can be impactful and leave positive impressions on your customers. With so many different ways to stylize and finish your HDU signs, we’re sure that we can cook you up something that will have an impact on your business.

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We Provide It All

We’ve got much more than just sandblasted signs on offer, and we have a well-developed process for manufacturing high-quality signage that satisfies clients.

No matter if you’ve already got a design created, or you need one done from scratch, our team can pick up your project and get rolling on a beautiful product. Our graphic designers at Miami Signage Company can make you a stunning and personalized design that fits right in with your existing branding.

We provide service on all of your sign needs, whether you need to bring an idea to life or just need a simple repair or replacement, we can handle whatever you throw at us. Our business puts client satisfaction and positive relationships first.

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With years in the Miami sandblasted sign-making industry, Miami Signage Company knows all about sandblasted signs and how they can benefit just about any business. Our team of signage experts can tell you all about how sandblasted signs are a worthy investment. If you’re in need of a sandblasted sign, or just about any sign for that matter, Miami Signage Company can help.

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