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Lakes by the Bay Acrylic Signs

For a modern, sophisticated appeal, acrylic signs are your ideal choice. Acrylic is comprised of a polymer that is durable and transparent, serving as a great alternative to glass signage. Acrylic signs are lighter and cheaper, so you can get the best value for your business.

Miami Signage Company will work tooth and nail to produce you a custom-made, professionally manufactured sign that will breathe life into your brand or business. Acrylic signs are great for just about any need your business may have. Acrylic can be used in many different signs such as directional signs, hanging signs, informational signs, lobby signs, menu boards, and so much more.

acrylic indoor sign

Acrylic is versatile, giving your business countless options on how to get a sign that best suits your needs. That’s where our Lakes by the Bay acrylic sign experts at Miami Signage Company come to help. Our experts can give you their opinion for a sign that would best suit your needs based on what your needs are, your budget, and which type of acrylic sign you’re looking for.

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Flexible Acrylic Signs

Not all acrylic signs are produced the same way, they can be fabricated for many different uses. It’s important that your signage is best used for the purpose it was created for, not only to best suit your business but to increase its lifespan. One of the factors that goes into our acrylic signage is whether or not your design is printed standard surface or subsurface. Miami Signage Company is equipped and prepared with both of these options.

Standard surface printing is when you print your design right on the surface of the acrylic. This makes your design appear thicker and applies the matte finish right onto your design. If you don’t want a transparent design, and would rather have the design be the main focus of your signage, standard surface print is your go-to option.

acrylic room ID sign

Subsurface or second surface print means that Miami Signage Company will place your design on the back of a clear sheet of acrylic. This makes your design preserve that glossy finish and have a beautiful sense of depth. Though more costly than standard surface printing, when your design is printed under a layer of acrylic it provides your sign with more durability and depth. This printing option is great for use outdoors and provides your sign with protection from wear. If you’re looking to make your design more durable, appear glossy, and apply more depth to your design, subsurface printing is your go-to.

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Clear and Frosted Sign Design

The transparent nature of acrylic has made it a popular choice for making dynamic and beautifully unique signs. Miami Signage Company believes in making your desires come to life, and offers beautiful transparent or frosted options that could best suit your business.

Your business can look professional and smooth with an acrylic sign’s glossy, glass-like appearance. Your acrylic can even appear three-dimensional when applying color to the background of your design. Signs produced by Miami Signage Company can provide you with an affordable, durable, and professional spin on your business’ brand.

custom acrylic indoor signage

Alternatively, our frosted signs can provide some translucency to your design. Frosted signs have a beautiful matte finish, and are great for reducing any glares and preserving your design during the day. Miami Signage Company produces their frosted signs to be calm and soft, you can even place a light source in front of it to emphasize the frosted design. Our frosted signs are meant to be a utility, and would be perfect both as indoor and outdoor signage, as well as help your business stick in the minds of your customers.

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Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Acrylic signs aren’t just limited to indoor signage, however. While it’s the popular choice because of its affordable nature, it is also a great choice for your outdoor signs. Your outdoor signs should be perfect, and Miami Signage Company is ready to step up to the plate and provide outstanding outdoor signage wherever you may need it.

As mentioned before, acrylic signs are popular choices for indoor signage, like those found in banks, hospitals, or restaurants. Acrylic signs don’t suffer the same wear they do outside, so they make for great long-term signs for your indoor needs.

lighted acrylic sign

While acrylic signs don’t last as long outdoors as they do indoors, they are still durable enough to last you a long time before needing maintenance. They are great for promoting your business to passerby’s at all hours of the day, especially when they’re illuminated. There are many options for acrylic signage, such as channel letters, entrance signs, for even illuminated signs.

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Our Lakes by the Bay acrylic signage staff here at Miami Signage Company has been working in the sign industry for years. We are a trusted and leading acrylic signage provider, and have streamlined our design process to produce the highest quality signs we can while making sure every detail is perfect.

Acrylic products made by Miami Signage Company are produced with premium UV ink, and designed with a high-quality polymer that is shatter-resistant. We can assist you no matter what step you’re at, with our crew ready to assist you from the graphic design process all the way to installing your signage.

acrylic wall door sign

From planning to installation, Miami Signage Company can provide for your needs.

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For your Lakes by the Bay acrylic sign needs, or any other sign needs, you need the best of the best. You need a sign provider that can give you the best opinion and is responsive to your needs, Miami Signage Company puts its foot forwards to provide outstanding service for its customers.

Miami Signage Company has an expansive knowledge on working with signs, using the leading technology, and applying their passion into creating the best signage. We’re ready to help with your sign needs, no matter the need, we’ve got all the signs that will fit into your budget.

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