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Miami Signage Company wants to help you promote your business, brand, or event with the help of banners. Our banners can be used for events, business spaces, and so much more. Our banners also come in many shapes, sizes, and materials to make it easy for you to get the banner you need.

No matter what type of eye-catching banner you need, whether an indoor banner, outdoor banner, tabletop banner, or a portable banner, we have it all. We help make your needs come to fruition.

Large Banner

Miami Signage Company has specialized, skilled staff for every step of the process from graphic designers to manufacturing experts. We assist with any aspect of the signage process you need help with, even if it’s coming up with the sign’s design. We want to be your Doral banners, graphics, and sign provider who can deliver for any need.

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Banner Promotions

Banners are often times used for promotions, but have many different applications. Your banners can provide customers with information about your facility, or help bring customers towards your business and/or event.

There are several ways banners can be displayed, such as hanging banners, standing banners, and retractable banners. We provide banners for both indoor and outdoor applications, for places like tradeshows or exhibits to your own storefront. Our banners are made from durable material to survive weather and provide their benefits for years.


We at Miami Signage Company are knowledgeable on what makes a banner successful, all the while being professionally produced with the best available signage materials in the market. We want to be your desired local signage partner, we are experts on all steps of producing your signage to help your business succeed.

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Displaying Your Banners

There are plenty of options when it comes to showing off your banners. Banners need some to hook onto, like a stand or hook, you may even need grommets to hang your banner. We don’t skimp out on this, and we’ll provide you with what you need for your banner to be functional and secure.

When you call us, we’ll help you figure out the best way to make use of your banner, and the best place for it to attract customers. We’ll also be able to provide more specific information on your quote.

Temporary Sign

There are many banner display options and we’ll help you figure out what will best suit your business during the free consultation. Furthermore, you can come to our establishment and look at the various banner products we have.

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Full-Service Banner Company

We can work with you to do it all. If you need help designing, fabricating, or installing your signage, Miami Signage Company is ready to be on top of your needs.

Should your banner need a stand, it’s a simple process. We’ll provide you the stands and show you how to assemble the sign, so that you can do it in the future. You may also prefer grommets, velcro, or other adherence options, and we can help you determine the correct method for display based on your banner type and intended placement.

window sale banners

Many of our other signage products will require professional installation, however, and we work hard to professionally install your sign with no hassle.

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Miami Signage Company will work with you to ensure that you are making the best signage choices for your business. We are your local, trusted Doral banners, graphics, wraps, and sign provider who is capable of fabricating all types of banners for your business. Our banners can be used for events, promotions, indoors or outdoors, the options are limitless.

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