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Golden Beach Channel Letters

Channel letters are a wonderful option for businesses who are looking for beautifully crafted storefront, lobby, or reception signs. Channel letters are highly customizable and have plenty of applications around your business space, like being directional or informational signs. These signs are very easy to personalize and make shine against your competitors.

You can choose from an infinite amount of possibilities and colors when crafting a sign that will fit perfectly with your brand. This includes the font used, where it will be placed, its shape and size, if it’ll be lighted, and so much more. No worries, however, Miami Signage Company is equipped with a team of experts that can assist you through every step of the process.

Channel Letters

The Golden Beach channel letter professionals at Miami Signage Company set out to design personalized, high-quality signage that will captivate and impress viewers, bringing more customers to your doors and improving your bottom line.

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Storefront Channel Letters

It is quite common for channel letters to be used as storefront signage, as their 3D design is very appealing to customers. Channel letters are also highly customizable, meaning that no matter what your branding is, we can produce a high-quality, captivating sign that brings your brand to life.

Your channel letters are most effective when they match the atmosphere and theme of your business. That’s why we help you decide on the right font and size for your signage to have the greatest impact.

channel letter hotel sign

Channel letters can be applied to many business buildings like banks, offices, or schools. We have provided channel lettering for customers in many different verticals, providing us with experience and insight into what works best. We use that insight to deliver high-quality, captivating signage that effectively represents and promotes your brand.

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Lighted Channel Letters

When you illuminate your channel letters, you guarantee that your sign will captivate more customers than ever before.

At any hour, rain or shine, your customers will be able to see your signage and won’t have to guess whether or not you’re open. We can handle the process of installing your beautiful Miami Signage Company signage and do all of the electrical work, so what you get is a beautifully finished channel letter sign.

lighted channel letters

The time of day can often times drive customers away from your business because they may believe that your shop has already closed. By making your sign illuminated, those customers can know that your store is still open without having to feel nervous about approaching your store.

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Channel Lettering Alternative

If channel letters aren’t quite your speed, you can also ask about dimensional letters.

The primary difference is that dimensional letters are cut and formed from a solid piece of material, while channel letters are constructed from a metal housing and translucent face that allows for interior lighting with a high level of legibility. Dimensional lettering can be backlit to provide greater visibility as well.

Dimensional Letters

If you think dimensional letters would be a better option for you, our team of Golden Beach storefront signage experts can consult you to provide the best suggestion for your business signage.

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Miami Signage Company isn’t afraid to put its best foot forward to produce signage that will captivate even you.

We want to work with you long-term and act as your one-stop signage provider. Our team of Golden Beach channel letter specialists can assist you with your sign needs no matter what step of the process you’re on, and we’ll craft your sign using the highest-quality materials business can buy.

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