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Miami Hospital Signs

We understand that healthcare is an urgent and time-based matter. Providing effective healthcare can often come down to a matter of seconds.

At Miami Signage Company, we are invested in producing Miami hospital signage that will help your patients get the care they need in an effective amount of time by providing your hospital with highly visible directional signs and wayfinders. However we can provide your business with much more than that, from digital signs to simple outdoor signage to market your hospital, we’ve got it all.

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Miami Signage Company’s employees have decades of combined experience in the sign-making industry and will produce highly effective signage that will make your hospital convenient and inviting. Your signage can serve a vast amount of purposes from providing patients with the information they need to navigate your hospital, to providing customers with the latest news about your hospital or the world outside.

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Outdoor Hospital Signs

When it comes to your hospital, the mere premise that you’re able to provide for a patient’s medical needs is more than enough to have them come to your hospital. However, if a patient doesn’t even know that your hospital exists in the first place, then there is no way that they can even consider your business an option. That’s why Miami Signage Company produces its signage with visibility in mind.

We’ll help you distinguish your hospital building so that those who are passing by, even from miles away, can see your hospital and know exactly where it’s located. You can even provide your business with outdoor wayfinders and directional signs to make sure that people know how to effectively navigate your parking lots.

At Miami Signage Company, we prioritize our design methods based on the type of business that we work with, and for your hospital your best interests in making signs that are visible and convenient for potential customers and patients.

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Digital and Electronic Signage

Electric signs and digital signs make for an excellent choice in many hospital spaces. Providing a unique, interactive experience to your customers, your digital and electronic signs can provide customers and patients with the specific information they need to have a positive business experience.

These signs can serve a multitude of purposes from letting people know who’s being served next, to the requirements for receiving service or even just providing information on the latest medical news and events. Your digital signs can be completely automated so that they require minimal maintenance, and when you want to present new information, they can be updated on the fly!

Your digital signs can also simply help your patients and customers have a more relaxing experience within your hospital space. Digital signs from Miami Signage Company can play music and videos to specific locations in your hospital in order to reduce stress among your patrons.

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Bilingual and ADA Signage

It is essential that every patient, no matter what conditions or disabilities they may have, has adequate access to your hospital at any given time. In a perfect world your business should be able to operate without the need for guidelines and regulations, however many businesses neglect to make their spaces accessible to those with disabilities that otherwise inhibit their ability to navigate your business space and keep up with the information needed.

When your business is ADA compliant, as well as features multiple languages for those who are foreign, you not only keep your business out of legal trouble but provide a quality service to those who otherwise couldn’t come to your business. Miami Signage Company will make sure that the signage we produce follows all the guidelines and keeps your business on top of the legal game with legally compliant signage. Our selection of bilingual designs will also help you cater to those who don’t speak our native language.

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Full-Service Hospital Signs

Miami Signage Company is dedicated to producing signage that will help your Miami business provide a quality service to your patients all while giving your business the marketing boost it needs to be the customer’s preferred option.

We provide full-service on all of our signage products, and our team of graphic designers, managers, fabrication specialists, and professional installation team can ensure that you are receiving the best products and service the market has to offer. Let Miami Signage Company be your long-term signage partner.

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In the healthcare industry, time and urgency of are the utmost importance. Miami Signage Company specifically caters its process to make sure that your signage is produced efficiently, affordable, and, most important, is highly valuable to your hospital.

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Want to see just what we can do for your hospital? Talk to a real Miami hospital signage expert at Miami Signage Company about your needs and budget. We’ll be waiting!

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