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Express your salon’s unique charisma and style with high-quality, top-of-the-line salon signs by your local salon signs company, Miami Signage Company! Looks are all the rage in the salon business, so you should make your business look just as stylish as you make your customers. Whether you need large signs to brighten up your business’ exterior, or are looking to highlight your newest salon discount, we’ve got you covered.

Settling for just any sign manufacturing company isn’t going to get you very far if you’re looking to market your business through signage. You need a signage partner who knows all the best ways to give your business the push to success it deserves. That’s why our staff at Miami Signage Company are specially trained to take your needs directly into account. You don’t just receive passable signage, you receive signage that is directly beneficial to your business and fulfills your needs.

Barber Sign

At Miami Signage Company we have all types of signage that will take your company to the top of its game. With our team of in-house graphic designers and a professional installation team, you can make sure that your design is perfectly suited to you and that your signage will last long enough for you to feel its impact on your business. We carry all sorts of Miami salon signage from pole signs, illuminated signs, cabinet signs, outdoor signs, indoor signs; we can’t express enough that we have it all!

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Neon-Like LED Signs

Neon signs are a classic approach to providing ambient lighting to one’s salon. However, their maintenance costs, flimsy durability, safety concerns, and many other factors are the reason why they’re being phased out in today’s competitive market. That doesn’t stop us from going one step further and recreating that neon feel with LED signs.

Reap all the benefits of neon signage yet with lower electricity costs, higher durability, and a higher value to your company than what was previously possible. You simply get more creative freedom with LED signs too, from customizable colors to powerful lighting effects, we’re sure that LED signs will make their way into your heart.

neon barber sign

Consider LED signs, which are much cheaper and long-lasting than neon signs, and the differences aren’t even noticeable. When you’re looking for a classic, neon feel but don’t want to spend money on a sign that might break in little time, our LED signs will do the job right.

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Beautiful Building Signs

Your signage is your opportunity to express your business, cut corners on your signage or settle for low-quality designs and your customers may turn away from your business. So when you’re in the market for signage, you need a professional team that knows the best practices for designing and manufacturing the best signage.

When your signage is at its best, you help to push your business into the public eye and outpace your competitors. Miami Signage Company works alongside your existing signage and branding to create a product that will feel as if it was all made by the same company. We’ve got a long lineup of building signs for your business, like channel letters, fascia signs, pole signs, flag signs, banners, and so much more to make your business space excel wherever it’s located.

Miami Signage Company has been producing widely impactful building signs for all sorts of businesses. We know that your salon has a lot to benefit from our selection, and we look forward to working with you.

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Window Graphics and Decals

Many businesses, salons included, have large windows on the front of their business that allows customers to get a peek inside. These windows provide a purposeful function: allow natural sunlight to get inside the business space and to provide an inviting appeal.

This can also play against your business, however, as some customers may not like businesses that feel like they’re too open, or leave little to no privacy. That’s why Miami Signage Company carries window graphics and decals that can turn your window spaces into effective marketing spaces and provide that much-needed privacy.

That doesn’t mean that you close off the inviting appeal of your windows, however! If anything, customers are now more prone to look at your beautifully designed windows, while the windows themselves still maintain their inviting, open appeal. Let our experts at Miami Signage Company tell you all about how window graphics and decals can shape your business for the better.

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Full-Service Salon Signs

Miami Signage Company isn’t just another Miami salon sign manufacturing company, in fact, we provide a full list of services that ultimately help you save time and money. Need a design created for your signage? Leave it to our graphic design team. Need a team to install your signage after it’s fabricated? Let us handle that for you.

We carry all of these services in-house to cut down on both of our overhead costs. We’ve also got the latest, top-of-the-line technology that can efficiently and affordably fabricate your signage to cut down on frustrating wait times and unfair costs. Miami Signage Company values providing customers with a full-package solution to their signage needs, work with us and save more than with our competitors.

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We have a team of project managers and Miami salon signage experts currently providing free consultations to many businesses in need of signage. Our free consultation helps us assess your needs and make the best decisions to provide you the best product at the best price. Call in and we can help you right away!

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