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Bay Harbor Islands Boat Wraps

Boat wraps can transform your boat from its simple design into an artistic piece or advertising sign for your business. Don’t just benefit from turning your boat into a beautiful design, but also protect your boat from the elements.

There are plenty more applications for boat wraps besides just making your boat shiny and appealing. As previously mentioned, boat wraps are the perfect opportunity to advertise your business and put your message out there. No matter whether it’s used for delivering goods, or simply being shown off at a boat show, boat wraps by Miami Signage Company will prove a worthy investment.

Boat Wrap

When it comes to your wraps, we understand how important it is that they’re done right the first time. A poor installation of your wrap could lead to warping and bubbles that will eventually degrade the quality of your wrap, and could even damage the paint job of your vessel. That’s why you need a professional Bay Harbor Islands boat wrap service provider who will get the job done right, Miami Signage Company is the right provider for you.

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Custom Boat Lettering

Whether you want to add the name of your craft, the registration number for your vessel, or a combination of both, Miami Signage Company can create high-impact, high-visibility custom boat lettering!

Proudly display the name of your vessel or highlight the services your boat provides with dynamic, engaging, eye-catching custom boat lettering. With a virtually unlimited assortment of fonts and styles, we can perfectly match your lettering to the design and feel of your boat.

Custom Boat Lettering

Attractive boat letters not only allow you to show off the personality of your watercraft, they also make it easy for you to stay on the right side of the law. With required boat registration numbers that are easy to see and read, we make it simple for the coast guard or any other regulatory authority to understand exactly who you are.

We can help you select the ideal fonts, sizes, and designs to not only make sure your lettering is visible, but also attractive and perfectly suited to your boat.

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Personalized Boat Wraps

When you work with Miami Signage Company, you can get your boat wrap stylized to your exact specifications, you get the final say on your boat wrap. Give your boat the makeover it needs without all of the hassles of hiring a team to repaint your vessel.

With the latest, state-of-the-art technology, we can affordably and professionally wrap your boat and pass those savings onto you. Your wrap job will be done in only a few days, which means your boat can see its debut water action in no time!

boats at marina

Our vinyl products can be removed and reapplied with ease within a 5-year window of its application. We use top-notch 3M vinyl that is sure to make your boat look stunning and impressive. When you use vinyl from Miami Signage Company you can save money and get results.

Boat wraps aren’t all that Miami Signage Company offers, however. We can apply a beautiful, customized vinyl wrap on any of your vehicles, appliances, and service equipment. Our graphic and wrap design team would love to work closely with your existing design or help you create one from scratch to make your wrap shine.

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Durable Boat Wraps

Vinyl is great at withstanding weather and fading. Vinyl from Miami Signage Company can help protect your vessel from paint chips or paint fading for years to come. When your boat is wrapped with a vinyl wrap, it’ll stand the test of time, staying just as beautiful as when you first got it wrapped for years to come.

The only downside of vinyl is that it is more easily scratched and chipped than your boat’s paint, but for how affordable your wrap can be repaired on top of the numerous other benefits, we see it as a worthy investment. Having a damaged wrap doesn’t mean that the entire wrap needs to be redone, we can simply patch up the damaged part of the wrap and have it look as good as new.

boat wrap and graphics

When repairing or replacing an existing boat wrap done by Miami Signage Company, all we have to do is reprint your wrap and reapply the damaged sections to your boat. When you work with the Bay Harbor Islands boat wrap experts at Miami Signage Company, we ensure that you are getting the best value for your dollar.

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Full-Service on Boat Wraps

Miami Signage Company has the talent and experience to put its best foot forward when it comes to beautifully crafting your boat wraps. Our team is motivated by client satisfaction, and we always love to form long-term relationships with our clients.

The job isn’t done until you’ve received a stunning, valuable sign that will benefit your business in spades. You get the final say as to what goes into your product so that we can provide the very best without losing sight of what’s important to you.

Boat promotional signage

We have developed the most efficient practices for fabricating our wraps and signage. Miami Signage Company ensures that you are receiving an incredible product made from the most premium materials, and handled with care and the utmost attention to detail.

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Let’s Talk- Free Consultation

Miami Signage Company understands what it takes to make your boat pay for itself with fully customized and detailed boat wraps. As your local, trusted Bay Harbor Islands signs and wraps provider, we provide free consultations in order for our experts to understand what your needs are and provide the best advice.

Miami Signage Company

We’ll help you choose between an endless amount of materials and designs to get the best boat wrap for your business. We even provide advice on how to best care for your boat wrap after it’s been applied.

Miami Signage Company is ready to hop onto your project and help you bring your vision to life. Let us explain show you just how impactful boat wraps are, all it takes is a call.

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