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When it comes to barber signs, there is a lot of knowledge and experience that goes into producing a sign that will effectively captivate an audience. Barber signs typically get hounded for being similar, and it’s overcoming this challenge that requires out-of-the-box thinking. You know the typical red, white and blue stripes right now, they’re the symbol of the classical barbershop. But your barbershop doesn’t need to be yet another clone.

The barber sign has been used as a landmark of familiarity, to attract clients to a business that they somewhat recognize and identify with. However, when every business employs this tactic, it’s time to stand out from the crowd. Miami Signage Company has been producing signs for years now, having mastered the process of creating beautiful barber signs.

Barber Sign

No barber shop could be complete without beautiful signage that drives customers to your doors. A custom-created barber sign is exactly what you need to push your business and its brand out there.

Our team of Miami barber sign graphic designers, manufacturers, installation crew here at Miami Signage Company is ready to put its best foot forward to give your barbershop the signage that it needs to soar to the top.

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Illuminated Outdoor Signs

Every business strives to have their business be visible at all times of the day, many businesses will turn towards outdoor signage as their solution. However, illuminated signage has proven to be a much better alternative for having maximum visibility at all hours of the week.

Depending on what appeal you’re looking for in your signage, you can achieve a more authentic barbershop appeal with LED or neon signage. LED signs produced by Miami Signage Company are highly customizable and give you a great amount of choice in how you display text, image, or figures in your signage.

neon barber sign

If LED or neon isn’t what you’re looking for, we offer a great selection of other illuminated signs such as dimensional letters, lightboxes, and much more. We make the most of your designs to produce the most customized, high-quality sign one can manufacture.

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Selection of Barber Signage

Miami Signage Company is an expert when it comes to conceptualizing, manufacturing, and installing signage. If there’s anything we’ve picked up from over the years, it’s that every client has different needs for their signs. Every business, barbershops included, has a unique brand that must be catered to, and the signs we produce are designed to fit right in.

Signs produced by us will be suited directly for your brand. Our team of graphic designers stays on top of the design process to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the design before we even start production all the way to the end. Miami Signage Company has an incredible array of signage that makes us the one place you can confidently come to when you need any type of sign. We have all sorts of material like metal, vinyl, and wood to create the highest quality sign you’re looking for.

We specifically cater to business needs such as salons and barbershops, and we believe that we have some of the best products and services in the sign manufacturing industry. If your business is looking to reinforce its brand and outshine other businesses, you can confidently turn to Miami Signage Company to fulfill your needs.

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Portable and Temporary Barber Signs

Some signs are simply meant to promote a short-term event like a sale or special occasion. Businesses clearly don’t want to spend an egregious amount of money for a sign that they would only use for a couple of days a year. That’s why Miami Signage Company provides plenty of temporary sign options at an affordable price.

Window decals are a fantastic way to promote short-term specials like discounts, free haircuts, etc. They are incredibly easy to apply for the time needed, and remove, all while making use of glass windows.

Flags and banners are great for promoting special events or having small signage to add just that much more character to your business. Other types of signage like banners and sandwich signs are also fantastic inclusions to the temporary sign library.

barber shop a-frame-sign

Miami Signage Company offers a wide variety of options so that you can get the best signage for your needs. Our signs are meant to last too, so you can keep using them year after year as those special events come around again.

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One-Stop Barber Sign Provider

At Miami Signage Company, we provide you with an extensive range of services and products aimed to cover any needs you may have. When you partner with us as your chosen Miami signage company, you can be confident that we will provide your business with the best barber signage, and are able to assist you from conceptualization all the way to installation.

No matter what step of the barber sign purchasing process you’re in, Miami Signage Company is able to pick up right where you’re at and assist or take over the entire process. We don’t just want to provide a product, we want to work alongside you and your existing brand to make your vision come to life.

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To get your Miami barber shop to be recognizable and stand out from the crowd, quality matters. In order to get the best quality barber signage, you have to team up with a reliable, professional signage provider that will deliver what you need and much more.

Signage can boost your bottom line and help your business take off. We’ve got the best tips for how signage can make an impact on your business, just reach out and our team of signage experts will be happy to help.

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